Wakefield Council

Wakefield Council curate events throughout the year to uplift and develop arts and creative opportunities across Wakefield

Wakefield Council’s Arts, Culture and Leisure service (ACL) delivers a host of cultural festivals, events and outdoor experiences celebrating our district’s history, heritage, sense of place and communities.

We have uniquely flavoured festivals from the Rhubarb Festival to Pontefract Liquorice Festival.  We are now working on enhancing and strengthening these festivals and building in new signature festivals to promote the district, increase community participation and develop the area as a tourist destination.

Wakefield Council curate events throughout the year to uplift and develop arts and creative opportunities across Wakefield; celebrating their history, heritage and culture with local communities. Aspiring to have a long-established annual programme, they strive to continue to showcase Wakefield’s culture and art, as well as draw in new opportunities and cultural experiences for the area.


Wakefield Council's Festival

This summer will see the biggest and most innovative festival we have ever delivered.

Starting in July and running throughout the rest of the year we will be exploring the theme of the environment to encourage people to look after their local environment and raise awareness of climate change and the impact on our world.

We will be delivering an exciting range of events, exhibitions, performances and much more (subject to covid restrictions of course!)

Why we joined Without Walls

As we expand and develop our festival offer, Without Walls will continue to offer insight and expertise into how other festivals work and allow us to apply this knowledge to our evolving programme. In addition, we are proud to include our membership on our festival promotional materials and the contribution that the network makes, being a part of the wider network of similar organisations wanting to achieve similar things, will help us take our events to the next level.

Wakefield's Festival of the Moon

“I loved how the community were emerged in such a unique cultural event and how open it was for anyone to come and enjoy. Great job!”

Audience at Festival of the Moon

“Brings people into the city and gives families things to do during the holidays. I had seen a friend had visited on FB and this prompted me to come. Thank you for putting on this festival as it’s great to celebrate local heritage”

Audience at Rhubarb Festival

Wakefield's Rhubarb Festival