Without Walls and Associate Touring Network have broken new ground in the creation of new outdoor work. 

The following quotes, collected through our evaluations, are only some of the numerous testimonies we have gathered from audiences, artists and festivals since 2013. 


Audience and Press 

15.01.2016 2.19MB 2 Urban Astronaut scaled (c) Rajvi Vaya

“Had the most amazing day yesterday at the Whee festival at Highfields park in Nottingham. Me my husband and two daughters aged 6 and 18 months watched your performance twice and loved every minute.”
Urban Astrounaut, Audience Member

Wet Picnic - The Lift - AGEAS SIAF 2014 - adrianharrisphotography EOS-1D X 9139

“How glad I am to have seen it. […] The actors were wonderfully good manipulators, inducing the assembled audience’s participation in such shenanigans as synchronised dancing, a barking international spy romp and a soppily kitsch romance.”

The Lift, Donald Hutera, The Times

Carousel by Southpaw Dance Company at Bell Square- C. Vipul Sangoi“We watched this last night sat next to a 6 year old little boy from Mill Lane Primary School. Half way through he leaned over and whispered in my ear “this is making my heart go crazy, I thought dancing was for girls but when I get old I want to do that”. Was by far my most favourite #sirf15 moment. Inspiring.”

Carousel, Audience member

“Despite the local authority cuts of recent years, I’ve witnessed a significant increase in the quality of outdoor arts, and also in its scope and willingness to offer considerably more than just eye candy. Just as its close cousin, circus, is increasingly redefining and pushing the boundaries of the art form, so street arts are reimagining what they can do, where and how. The rise in quality – in part driven by the Without Walls commissions – goes hand in hand with a rise in audiences.”

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

h-o-h-by-far-from-the-normc-steve-eggleton-eventdigital-2“This is why people like you are to important to this world, you dance with the crowd and make make them feel on top of the world”

H.O.H., Audience member Salisbury Festival



“Working with Without Walls has definitely made a positive impact on our work. It has offered us the immediate support of the consortium and the effective wide promotion of the work, which has meant that we are able to start touring the show almost immediately after creation. The exposure Without Walls offers of our work to new promoters and audiences is significant to us, as well as supporting in broadening festivals/promoters programming of high quality inclusive dance.”

Saphia Bishop, Candoco

PROJECT_VEE by Circus Geeks X PanGottic (c) Steve Eggleton eventdigital (3)“I feel like this has been a massively helpful step for me, as a producer, to be supported in this way when making the move from indoor to outdoor work. It provided a framework from which to build a tour. It gave greater visibility to the project. I felt that Xtrax were always on hand to answer questions I had about the sector.”
Lauren Hendry, Circus Geeks

Push by Company Chameleon (C) Adrian Harris“Working with Without Walls always has a positive impact on our work. Firstly, the financial support enables us to make our ideas for outdoor work a reality, which we are incredibly grateful for. There are many of the WOW festivals that we have visited several times, and it’s a really great thing to be able to develop our profile and reputation both with audiences, and with the teams behind the individual festivals. There is always an honesty that will spotlight strengths, weaknesses, and considerations for new works. The festivals also provide good opportunities to get the work shown in front of international programmers- to date our works have had long touring lives partly because of this.”
Anthony Missen, Company Chameleon

Ramshacklicious - BATEOTW 13“Working with Without Walls has allowed us to upscale our work both in terms of scale and ambition. Having this backing, knowing the support is there and the belief in the idea before it goes into creation is invaluable.   It has encouraged the company to take bigger creative risks, which is an essential part of developing our work.”
Jack Stoddart, Ramshacklicious


“Appetite has been cited as a major reason for Stoke-on-Trent going for UK City of Culture 2021. I think the quality of the shows and the links to WW has been a major part in this.”

ATN Festival representative

“Being part of the WW ATN has provided Derby Festé with the platform it needed to establish itself as a recognised national street arts festival. Festé celebrated its 10th year in 2016 and being part of the ATN since 2013 has helped imbed the festival in the city and allows us to look ahead with optimism.”

ATN Festival Director

“(ATN) Helped to strengthen understanding around audience development for the festival and build on previous work. It encouraged us to be braver with our programming and take risks with the audience. Its been really good making links with other festivals nationally and have a wider perspective, gaining ideas and insights from others on loads of issues with audience development ideas, marketing, programming etc.”

ATN Festival representative

“WW has provided us with the knowledge, confidence, and inspiration (via network meetings and one-to-one support) to test new ideas around audience development.”

ATN Festival representative

“It’s been really good making links with other festivals nationally and having a wider perspective, gaining ideas and insights from others on loads of issues with audience development ideas, marketing, programming etc. I think this has been really valuable to feel part of something bigger. It has been really positive to say we are part of a national network and has really helped in advocating for outdoor work with our council members.”

Senior Festivals & Events Officer of an ATN Festival

“We have relationships with festivals through the consortium that are very well established. It’s such a diverse group – it means we become aware of new artists that we are not otherwise aware of. It broadens the view of what is available.”

Without Walls Partner