Creative Lab: Digital & the Outdoor (Part Two)


Creative Tech Lab: A three-day residency at 101 Outdoor Arts

The Creative Lab: Digital is a national event that explores the potential and practice of digital innovation in the outdoor and public space contexts. Focusing on the special challenges and opportunities of using creative technology in urban and natural environments, the event was comprised of two parts: The Digital & the Outdoor Symposium and the Creative Tech Lab.

The Creative Tech Lab was a three day intensive residential for artists and creative practitioners wanting to immerse themselves in the ‘how’ of integrating and developing creative technology aspects of their work in outdoor and public space.

Combining hands-on practical sessions with individual surgeries and group discussion, artists had the chance to access 101’s dedicated fabrication workshop and a range of indoor and outdoor spaces to play with possibilities.

“It was great to be able to create and experiment at the labs and also meet and develop relationships with the other artists.”

Creative Tech Lab resident

“This event more than anything else helped me understand how my work fits into the outdoor arts scene and further challenged my outlook on how technology can further enhance this work.”

Creative Tech Lab resident