Creative Lab: Digital & the Outdoor (Part One)


The Digital & the Outdoor Symposium

The Creative Lab: Digital is a national event that explores the potential and practice of digital innovation in the outdoor and public space contexts. Focusing on the special challenges and opportunities of using creative technology in urban and natural environments, the event was comprised of two parts: The Digital & the Outdoor Symposium and the Creative Tech Lab.

The Digital & the Outdoor one-day symposium for artists, producers, festivals, funders and technologists explored the opportunities to work with digital technology outdoors and in public spaces.

Presentations and discussions featured key players in the digital realm and explored case studies from exciting artistic projects that combine virtual, live, physical and environmental elements.

There was also contributions from Abandon Normal Devices, Watershed, Google Arts & Culture Lab as well as a range of exciting artists making work for public space that covered areas including augmented and virtual reality, gaming, projection work and geolocated sound.

Speakers included:


“[It was useful to hear] each of the artists talking about their projects - in very honest terms (e.g. the time it took to get something off the ground, the considerations of making and delivering something large scale and ambitious, the considerations for your audience in a lively Northern city, at night, and more)."

Digital & the Outdoors Symposium attendee

"It was refreshing to hear and inspiring to know that these artists had chosen to make their work, despite the difficulties they faced during the delivery of their work.”

Digital & the Outdoors Symposium attendee