Rochdale Feel Good Festival

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Building on their joint success in previous years with the ‘Family Zone’ at Rochdale’s Feel Good Festival, Rochdale Borough Council and Link4Life are excited to launch a brand new free event, the ‘Feel Good Family Picnic’. This event was due to launch in 2020 but has been postponed until summer 2021 due to Covid-19.

The aim of their new family event is to bring our communities together, to celebrate the heritage and brilliantly diverse cultures that make Rochdale such a special place to live.  Situated in Broadfield Park – a beautiful and large Victorian space in the centre of the town, they will continue our journey to introduce our audience to a range of high-quality outdoor performances and installations, bringing an opportunity to engage in the arts in a family-friendly setting.

Rochdale Feel Good Festival Highlights

Why we joined Without Walls

Being part of the Without Walls Network has enabled Rochdale Feel Good Festival to re-shape the future of our family festival, as it has given an opportunity to firstly introduce small elements of outdoor performance to an existing event to gauge audience appetite for the arts.

The feedback received was overwhelmingly in favour of continuing this journey, so much so that it has given confidence to create a stand-alone  free family event with its own identity.  Working with the Without Walls Network and having the benefit of their advice and guidance, they are excited to develop this event into one of the highlights of the borough calendar and building on their vision to ensure that the opportunity to enjoy the arts and culture is something that everyone is entitled to.

The Rochdale Feel Good Festival team

The team is made up of a variety of members:

Head of Events and Programming, Jonathan Higgins – With overall responsibility for our events programme, Jonathan brings significant experience in producing and programming large scale events for both indoor and outdoor venues and festivals.

Events Manager, Sue Taylor – Sue has significant experience producing the existing portfolio of events for Rochdale Borough Council, working with partners across the council, in the community and liaising with the WW Network.

Events Manager, Abigail Hindle – Abigail operationally manages the arts and events programme for Link4Life. Abi specialises organising and producing commercial events including weddings and conferences working with high net worth clients.

Technical Manager, Adam Pemberton – Adam is an experienced technician with knowledge of producing indoor and outdoor events

Community Engagement, Lisa O Neil Rogan – Lisa has significant experience of live events and production as well as creative community engagement and consultation.

Events at Rochdale Feel Good Festival

The Feel Good Family Picnic has been specifically designed to address audience feedback from a wider Festival, the largest event in the borough. There is a real appetite amongst partners, sponsors and communities locally to make the Feel Good Family Picnic a success and a vision that, with work and new engagement opportunities, it can grow to reflect the rich and diverse culture of our borough.

Audiences at Rochdale Feel Good Festival

Through in-depth audience research, past events have principally attracted local families from a diverse cross-section of Rochdale’s numerous cultural communities.  Through feedback Rochdale Feel Good Festival discovered a real appetite for an introduction to the arts in a less formal setting, alongside other more traditional family-friendly activities. Audiences have been particularly thrilled to see outdoor performance and theatre on their doorstep.

They will also work to create a mechanism whereby the audiences will begin to inform and engage with programming choices which will reflect the diverse cultures in our borough is an exciting development for the Festival.