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Without Walls is a consortium of festivals and organisations dedicated to raising the profile of the UK outdoor arts sector, promoting artistic excellence and supporting innovative new work for the benefit of artists and audiences.

Moreover, the work of Without Walls is deeply embedded in Arts Council England’s mission to achieve great art and culture for everyone:

“Our mission is great art and culture for everyone - we can only achieve this if we make a commitment to promoting and embedding diversity throughout the work we fund and support. We call this the Creative Case for Diversity.”

“The Creative Case is a re-imagining of the Arts Council’s approach to diversity and equality, setting out how these areas can and should enrich the arts for artists, audiences and our wider society. The Creative Case for Diversity is a way of exploring how organisations and artists can enrich the work they do by embracing a wide range of influences and practices.”

In 2019, we are increasing access to our programme in a number of ways, including providing and participating in training sessions, sharing practical ways to enhance access with artists and festivals.

You can find out more about the work undertaken by festivals to make events more accessible in the Audience Development section.

Increasing access for Bicycle Boy

Access & Diversity

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Accessibility in Outdoor Arts, in collaboration with OffSite

Access & Diversity

Artists training session on Creative approaches to incorporating access for outdoor work

Access & Diversity