Robot Selfie




A Robotic vertical drawing machine mounted on the outsides of buildings captures images of the public and then draws their faces, creating a big mural of all the many faces together. As you look at it you might have your image captured and drawn. 

About Robot Selfie

Robot Selfie is a new show from Kaleider.

The politics of the project and the robotic vertical drawing machine can be dialled up or down, for example, the AI could capture everyone’s image that looks at the installation, or it could identify only women, or only children or only people of colour and only draw a particular demographic asking its audience to engage in tougher questions.

About Kaleider

Kaleider is an international production studio based in Exeter, UK, led by artist Seth Honnor. It plays on the edges of installation, live performance and digital to produce artworks for audiences around the world. The studio delivers a range of innovation and production programmes that support individuals and companies working in the Creative Industries.

For more information on Kaleider visit their website here.

Creative / Production credits

A Kaleider Production.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Kaleider is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation and supported by Exeter City Council.

R&D investment through Without Walls Blueprint.