Robot Selfie




We invite you to be drawn by Kaleider’s non-learning AI.

About Robot Selfie

We invite you to be drawn by Kaleider’s non-learning AI.

Then, when you’re happy, you can submit it to be drawn on the walls of an outside space – not by humans, but by wall-drawing robots. We intend to create a massive mural of many faces. Strangers next to each other, simultaneously present, together, and yet apart.

At a time when we are distanced from each other, Robot Selfie brings us together. Would you like to be drawn?

About Kaleider

Kaleider is an international production studio based in Exeter, UK, led by artist Seth Honnor. It plays on the edges of installation, live performance and digital to produce artworks for audiences around the world. The studio delivers a range of innovation and production programmes that support individuals and companies working in the Creative Industries.

For more information on Kaleider visit their website here.

Creative / Production credits

A Kaleider Production.

Image: Robot Selfie at Brighton Festival (c) Jamie Macmillan

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Kaleider is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation and supported by Exeter City Council.

R&D investment through Without Walls Blueprint.

Robot Selfie is supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Brighton Festival and Norfolk & Norwich Festival.