MEarth MOthers

Beady Eye



A trio of climate clowns that dance, sing and perform shamanic rituals in astounding costumes. The world as we know it is going down so we’re having a knees-up and asking some big questions: why are we wrecking the planet and what are we going to do about it?

About MEarth MOthers

MEarth MOthers are a trio of climate clowns in astounding costumes. They storm the streets leaving a trail of plastic waste and tarred teddies. The world as we know it is going down and the MOthers are having a noxious knees-up! They are the pendulum of the people, swinging between activism and hard-to-break habits, alone on their small, polluted island.

A mainly static show with some audience involvement and dance, physical comedy, music, and shamanic ritual. We dare to ask big questions: why are we wrecking the world and what are we going to do about it?

About Beady Eye

MEarth MOthers is presented by Beady Eye who are Total Theatre Award and Arches Brick winners. Beady Eye/Kristin Fredricksson have toured indoors shows to the Barbican (BITE), nationally and internationally. Their work is devised multimedia performance including video, movement, puppetry and strong visual and storytelling elements.

Joining Kristin as a performer is Amy Howard from Honk Project, who have toured indoors and outdoors static and walkabout shows nationally. Ruth Del Bosque joins from Spain/France where she has performed in many outdoors theatre, dance and circus companies. Hilary Westlake directs. Sonia Odedra and Maggie Campbell of Petri Delights design.


Creative / Production credits:

Co-created by: Kristin Fredricksson (Beady Eye), Amy Howard (Honk Project) and Ruth del Bosque.

Director: Hilary Westlake.

Designers: Sonia Odedra and Maggie Campbell.

With assistance from Annette Foster.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

MEarth MOthers is supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Stockton International Riverside Festival.

The Marlowe Theatre supported R&D via Roar in 2019.

101 Outdoors Arts, Newbury Corn Exchange are providing residencies in 2020.