Christopher Green



FeelPlay is a brand-new concept in modern, accessible wellness.  It’s for adults only, but it’s not rude!  It’s simply an invitation to find that child-like joy in a playground especially made for grown-ups.

We Play – Do You Play?

Come and find out how… You can take part in an immersive experience alone, or with friends, or download our easy to use app to enjoy here or at home.

About FeelPlay

FeelPlay is something totally unique for your festival programme. It’s a playground for adults only, but it’s not rude!

FeelPlay is an immersive and interactive experience that explores our relationship with modern ‘wellness’ initiatives and challenges our own perceptions of what we need though inventive participation and ironic dark humour.

Imagine – playing familiar childhood games, taking part in adventures of the mind and body with our FeelPlay apparatus, or singing along to tunes that lift your spirits. FeelPlay an escape from the boredom of everyday existence, and a perfect opportunity to stimulate mental health and connection!

About Christopher Green

Christopher Green is an Olivier-award-winning theatre-maker and provocateur.  His satire on the wellness industry both questions a specific kind of mental-health provision whilst delivering a genuinely feel-good and empowering experience.

It follows in the tradition of his critically-acclaimed works Office Party (co-created with Ursula Martinez), VIP, Prurience and The Home.  Christopher is perhaps best-known to Brighton audiences as country music legend Tina C. and Artificial Hip Hop singer Ida Barr.


Creative / Production credits:

FeelPlay is produced by Sarah Sansom from Time Won’t Wait.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

FeelPlay is supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Greenwich+Docklands International Festival.

Further commissioning, funding and support from Alexandra Palace, The Albany and 101 Creation Space.

R&D supported by Without Walls Blueprint.