Community Chest

Matthew Harrison



Venture into this mysterious wooden chest for a treasure seeking, puzzle solving, interactive experience for all ages. Help each other to escape in time by finding the community spirit and reviving the heart inside.

About Community Chest

A participatory art installation about community spirit in the form of a mobile escape room for all ages to play.

A giant wooden treasure chest featuring four interactive puzzle rooms and one central chamber with a final group challenge for all players to complete together in order to escape. Community Chest aims to bring people together through engaging hands-on play, collaborative treasure hunting and puzzle solving challenges as well as provoking thought and questions about ‘community’ and ‘togetherness’ and the value we place on these in modern society.

Can we find a communal spirit and revive the heart of the community?

About Matthew Harrison

After 15 years of working primarily as an animator, filmmaker and mural artist to engage people of all ages in creative activity and participation, Matthew Harrison designed and made his first outdoor art commission ‘The Actual Reality Arcade’ in 2017. The interactive art installation, featuring 10 games based on arcade classics has been hugely successful and has been entertaining audiences of all ages and backgrounds for over 3 years, visiting over 60 festivals and events across England and Europe.

The Community Chest will build on the work of The Actual Reality Arcade in providing real-life, hands-on interactive experiences for everyone to enjoy and share together.

Matthew strongly believes in the value of social and physical interaction between people and objects and the need in modern-day society for real experience and participation.

Creative / Production credits:

Creative chest-building Fabrication Consultant / Assistant: Joel Coppard

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Community Chest is supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Norfolk and Norwich Festival and Out There Festival.

Co-commissioned and funding support by Norwich Games Festival.

R&D supported by Without Walls Blueprint.