Without Walls Associate Programme

Promoting new talent within the outdoor arts sector

The Without Walls Associate Programme strives to widen the range of voices and talent across the outdoor arts sector.

The Without Walls Associate Programme is a hands-on learning experience. It benefits both new entrants into the outdoor arts sector, as well as more established practitioners who are looking to move beyond their current role and advance their career to the next level.

The programme launched in 2019 and is delivered as a collaboration between Without Walls and consortium partners. This allows participants to access a number of development opportunities while working to deliver some of the best outdoor arts events in the country. A key aim is to increase the representation in the sector of practitioners from communities currently under-represented in the outdoor arts sector, particularly from Black,  Asian and ethnically diverse backgrounds, as well as those identifying as Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent.

The Without Walls Associate Programme is designed to create professional pathways into and through the sector, while at the same time ensuring that new insights and perspectives are embedded in the host organisations and the consortium.


“At Without Walls gatherings, my contribution was always valued as much as anyone else in the room. This really helps you engage and boosts your confidence whilst accelerating awareness of the sector….I’m still questioning what that very far future career goal looks like, but the path there is full of inspiration and ideas.”

Tara Williams, Without Walls Industry Placement 2019 

Meet the Current Associates

Without Walls is currently supporting the following Associate roles:

  • Fee Hudson Francis, Project Manager, Hat Fair
  • Tinisha Williams, Festival Producer, Birmingham Hippodrome  
  • Nicole May, Associate Producer, Certain Blacks

“Taking part in this programme has solidified my pursuit of my future career path as an Outdoor Arts producer, and helped me to make some meaningful professional connections”

Abbie Reeve, Without Walls Associate 2021

Past Associates

In 2020/21, Without Walls supported the following Associate roles:

  • Abbie Reeves, Production & Programme Assistant, Norfolk & Norwich Festival
  • Anna McGrath, Events Assistant, First Art
  • Jasmine Thompson, Mair Morel, Sophie Shepherd (job share) Assistant Outdoor Arts Producer, Theatre Orchard

In 2019/20, Without Walls supported two Associate roles:

  • Tara Williams, Programme and Residency Assistant at 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space
  • Angelica Urfano, Operations and Administration Officer at Seachange Arts

“I have met so many role models and inspirational individuals who I would love to learn from and follow one day. I really hope there will be more people to take this opportunity to get involved and participate in all activities that come with this, as this is one of the best ways to really understand the outdoor arts and immerse oneself in everything it involves. It’s a great way to also understand the different roles and jobs because you get introduced to some of the best in their field.”

Angelica Urfano, Without Walls Associate 2019


Image credits: Black Victorians by Jeanefer Jean-Charles at Hat Fair 2021 © Adrienne Photography

The Rascally Diner by LAStheatre at NNF 2021 © Mary Doggett

The Lost Opera by Ashley Peevor and Nikki Watson at Timber 2021 © Andrew Allcock

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