StopGAP - Tracking - Low Res
StopGAP‘s dancers sneak out of the crowd for an explosion of dance on the streets. Join the queue as Tracking shares its own take on modern and vintage ‘Britishness’. Targeting passersby as audience, watch a jolting race photo-finish, hide like spies under umbrellas and keep up with the thundering beats as these integrated dancers share their own connection to the 2012 Olympic games. Switching between 70’s kitsch and vintage Britain, the company are joined by celebrated disabled dancer David Toole (DV8, CandoCo) in this energetic outdoor experience where rain certainly doesn’t stop play!

Taking the themes of the Cultural Olympiad, StopGAP‘s own choreographer Lucy Bennett reflects on what it is to be a Londoner through StopGAP’s trademark eccentric humour. Tracking is also a ‘Shape Arts Inspired by 2012’ commission and has been awarded the ‘Inspired by 2012’ logo.

Choreographer: Lucy Bennett


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‘Tracking’ Stopgap Dance Company (2009) from Stopgap Dance Company on Vimeo.


Commissioners and Partners
Commissioned by Without Walls and Shape Arts
Supported by Arts Council England


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