Photography by Dave Guttridge

Photography by Dave Guttridge

2 tightwire artists, 2 dancers, a trampoline duo and a dancing clown search for the beautiful in the fragile & the fragile in the seemingly beautiful.

Maresa von Stockert’s latest cross artform collaboration for the outdoors combines contemporary circus, dance and physical theatre.

FRAGILE’s architectural set creates the illusion of the performance being on a rooftop. Imagine a flat concrete roof where someone has put up a garden with a few plants in pots and some grass.
One layer of the piece will expose the microcosm of human activity taking place in this garden. It will look at the lives of those who visit the roof terrace and explore what the garden means to them.

For the creator of the garden it may be an oasis or even an obsession.
Others make it their hide-away, a place where they can escape reality.
Some may see it as a playground, others as a forbidden space.
For one person it may resemble paradise, for another a foreign world of green discomfort, bewilderment and fear.

While intricate relationships tenderly and brutally entwine, a strange transformation happens to the garden itself enhancing the sense of a warped reality and other worldliness unfolding…


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Commissioners and Partners
Commissioned by PASS – Circus Channel
Co-produced by La Breche, Pole National des Arts du Cirque de Base – Normandie
Seachange Arts
Atelier 231,
Centre National des Arts de la Rue,
Viva Cite Festival.
Supported by Without Walls, Crying Out Loud
Arts Council England


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