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The Wheel House blends acrobatics, dark comedy and stunning design within a set purpose built to travel in the manner of a wheel. Join these travellers on the road to nowhere and experience for yourself their comically beautiful universe.

Acrojou is a young circus company that uses the German Wheel as a vehicle for original new street performance. The two company members are two of only six practitioners of the German wheel performing in the UK and they currently have a range of German wheel and acrobatic theatre acts which they present in large scale outdoor events and in theatre shows.

As part of its commitment to developing innovative work in a range of forms, styles and scales, Without Walls proposed to commission Acrojou to create a new strolling piece using the German Wheel. This was the first time that a strolling piece had been created for the German wheel. The company’s work has a distinct visual aesthetic and the piece will be based on the idea of the creation of a highly visual topsy turvy world within the wheel, where the motion of the performance means that there is an ever changing, gravity defying, reality of the top and the bottom. Inspired by the surreal work of artist Escher the piece will be developed with the support and input of the Without Walls partners.


Suitcase logo The Wheel House by Acrojou is currently available for touring. Please contact the company directly for details of availability, technical requirements and costs.


Acrojou, ‘The Wheel House’ from Acrojou on Vimeo.


Commissioners and Partners
Commissioned as a walkabout by Without Walls (2008)
Funded for development into a full show (2011) by Applause


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