Paschale Straiton

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The Séance is a comedy set inside a brightly coloured tent with beaded curtains and satin rouching. Audience members collect tickets from a small ticket booth, next to the main tent. There is a bill board of mocked-up photos of Paula Pelengrino, the spiritual medium with various celebrities and newspaper cuttings. The ticket attendant discusses the supernatural and tests people’s psychic abilities. When the time comes, the audience is ushered into the tent, leading to a wooden door. Inside they find a dimly lit Victoiran parlour where they meet the ‘spiritualist’ and experience first hand the ectoplasmic visions and walking through walls trickery of the era.

The Séance brings together an exceptional team of collaborating artists from companies including Company F/Z, The People Show, Forkbeard Fantasy, Stan’s Café and Spymonkey to create a high quality, visually arresting piece accessible to a wide range of audiences.