Wired Aerial Theatre

Rosa's Bar Straw

Wired Aerial Theatre present thrilling dance theatre productions using their uniquely developed style of bungee-assisted dance. A supremely precise, disciplined art which requires dedication, practice and expert knowledge; bungee-assisted dance allows the company to combine choreography and theatrical narrative with aerial skills honed at their studios in Liverpool.
Premiering their new aerial spectatular Straw Dog choreographed by Henri Oguike and the deliciously devilish festival favourite Rosa’s Bar, this is a completely different dance experience.  Performed by a talented cast Wired’s summer shows range from a pastiche of the silent movie to the brutality of a bar room brawl. The performers fly through the air, spin and dance in mid-air and dive into the crowds with breathtaking grace.

Over the years, Wired Aerial Theatre have refined their own creation, bungee-assisted dance, into a beautifully refined and exquisite performance spectacles.


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Commissioned by Without Walls


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