Fittings Multimedia Arts


Carny Gothic performance company Fittings join forces with Russian kinetic sculpture specialists Sharmanka and dancer/aerialist Claire Cunningham to create a fusion of human and machine. Sputnik is a new other-worldly installation that comes alive to delight and engage visitors of all ages.

A young woman seeks to live away from the earth. With a watchmaker/mechanic she creates a structure that fuses her body and spirit with a machine. The journey begins…

It is impossible to live on this earth, I have no wish to die, especially not now, but I do have a wish to live elsewhere. Therefore I will develop a project for living away from the earth. If the project I create has endless possibilities and is powered by not just my body but my spirit, given the right place and the right time, my life could begin again. Elsewhere. It’s all just a question of how you look at things. I believe that just as there are certain places on this earth that are more attuned to the potential of possibility than others, so there are times that are more propitious. Quite simply if my project is in the right place at the right time then anything is possible.