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Reliquary – Photo by Clare Acford


The show

Imagine a bejewelled casket making its enigmatic way around your town and wondering ‘What is that, who are they and just what’s going on here’? Now imagine the thrill of being chosen to peep inside whilst others can only stand and gawp, slack-jawed. ‘What can be inside you hear them cry’? Well, stand ready people, for we have discovered a new species, preserved its last egg and it’s about to ….no that could never happen!

This show is serious, funny and seriously funny!

Avanti Display has more than two decades of experience in producing and performing essentially English street theatre. Drawing on a rich national tradition of popular theatre, the company combine comedy, surrealism and spectacle to create shows that are imbued with a unique charm.


Commissioners and Partners

Supported by Without Walls.

Originally created as part of 6 Impossible Things – a collaboration between Avanti and Artizani with support from Arts Council England.

Suitcase logo Reliquary by Avanti Display is currently available for touring. Please contact the company directly for details of availability, technical requirements and costs.

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