Project showreels

This section will give you the chance to learn more about the projects we have previously commissioned.  

Projects commissioned in 2016

2016 Projects Pt. 1 

2016 Projects Pt. 2

Projects commissioned in 2015

451 by Periplum & Corn Exchange Newbury 


Carousel by Southpaw Dance Company


Ear Trumpet by Gobbledegook Theatre


8 Songs by Gandini Juggling


BEES! The Colony by Artizani


Hold on by Stefano Di Renzo – Please click here


Smoke by Plunge Boom 


Navrattan by Nutkhut


Bill & Bobby by Stopgap Dance Company


Louder Than Words by Cathy Waller Company 


Of Man and Beast by Company Chameleon


Reliquary by Avanti Display

Projects commissioned in 2014

Frantic by Acrojou


(I)land by Marc Brew Company 


Safe House by Metro Boulot Dodo


 Soul of Fado by Nuno Silva


Grime by Ramshackilicious


 The Legend of Hamba by Tiata Fahodzi


The Lift by Wet Picnic



If you are interested in booking any of these shows then please contact the companies directly using the contact details included in Without Walls on Tour.