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H.O.H. © Camilla Greenwell Photography

About the show

H.O.H. is an interactive, immersive dance piece that is centred on the nation’s favourite sport, football, tackling socio-political issues that affect our everyday life. Using the concept of football; the athleticism, the skill, the flamboyant characters are used as a forum to communicate with the audience wider issues that are happening in modern society. H.O.H. explores the connection of multi-cultural British people and football, creating a frenzied public disorder as these characters’ voices and stories are exposed.
H.O.H. will comically force the audience to look at the nation’s beloved game from a different perspective; through hip hop theatre and contemporary movement the dancers will combine fast-paced footwork, physical floor work with thrilling vitality: performing a fury of scenes that are ironic, amusing yet demanding.
“They are funny, ironic, self-mocking, serious and demanding!” Roy Campbell-Moore


About the company

Far From The Norm are an experimental dance theatre company with strong foundations in hip hop theatre. Founding Far From The Norm in 2010, artistic director Botis Seva has seen his company’s’ work performed nationally and internationally, at festivals such as Afrovibez, Breakin’ Convention, San Francisco’s International Hip Hop Festival and Austria’s Hip Hop Goes Theatre.

Botis Seva was awarded the Bonnie Bird Marion North mentoring scheme in 2015 as well as the South East Dance’s Collaborate dramaturgy investment with Lou Cope. Botis presented two nights sold out at the Lilian Baylis, Sadler’s Wells last year in partnership with Breakin’ Convention which saw him present an international collaboration with British Council Tunisia.


Commissioners and Partners

Commissioned by Without Walls, Greenwich+Docklands International Festival and Norfolk & Norwich Festival.

Co-produced by East London Dance.

Suitcase logo H.O.H. by Far From The Norm is currently available for touring. Please contact the company directly for details of availability, technical requirements and costs.

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