A physical tale of 4 women and what makes them who they are. There is no such thing as a perfect body, but each one is extraordinary. From the UK’s premier all female street theatre company, using acrobatics, dance and humour, Falling Up celebrates the beautiful reality of every body.

A medium scale acrobatic theatre production for audiences on the street, in parks and squares or any other public space. Pick a character and follow her story, from solo performance to beautiful finale, as she explores her weaknesses and her amazing strengths.

Mimbre fuses world-class acrobatics with theatre and dance, using a unique physical language to tell stories and create imagery. Their shows transform non-conventional arts settings to stages – an unexpected space for an audience to get lost in a world of humour, energy and visual poetry. Mimbre have toured their shows extensively over four continents and have amazed many thousands of audience members with their strength, agility, grace and skill.



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