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The show

Carousel is a mid-scale narrative dance performance centred on a 1900s-style functioning carousel. The story revolves around the enigmatic characters that inhabit a Fairground, and in particular what occurs when it shuts down for the night. Music, dance, and drama play out after hours on a spectacular moving carousel structure which enables dancers to flip, roll, dive, and spin to an eclectic Balkan and Gypsy-influenced score that will enthral audiences.

Commissioners and Partners

Commissioned by Without Walls and Stockton International Riverside Festival
Co-commissioned by SO Festival, Skegness and Appetite, Stoke-on-Trent. R&D supported by Without Walls

Suitcase logo Carousel by Southpaw Dance Company is currently available for touring. Please contact the company directly for details of availability, technical requirements and costs.

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