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Camper Van of Love

Camper Van Of Love © Chris Nash

About the show

Camper Van Of Love is a show based on the story of Cupid and Psyche using a modified VW Campervan as it’s starting point, inspiration and situation. Performed by the company, it will be a funny, magical, musical, dancing adventure for all the family.

Cupid’s job is to make people fall in love but it hasn’t been going well of late. His powers have deserted him with disastrous effects. The world is falling out of love and it’s all his fault. With the help of his amazing Campervan and an array of supporting characters, Cupid learns that the world’s notions of love are changing and that he needs to change too.

Through a series of surprising songs, dances and hilarious set pieces the performers will explore the physical possibilities of the specially-adapted VW Campervan. They swing, climb and fall whilst engaging the audience in a story that challenges our notions of love.

About the company

New Art Club’s Tom Roden and Pete Shenton are pioneering makers of devised dance, theatre and comedy. Their work bridges dance and stand-up comedy; celebrated for making dance fun they have been one of the dance circuit’s “go to“ companies for developing audiences just as they have made their mark in the comedy circuit for capering gleefully along the dividing line between lunacy and genius. Established for 15 years, the company tour small and mid-scale work and are regulars at the Edinburgh fringe. Camper Van of Love will be co-produced with Dance Republic 2 (DR2), a Cornwall-based dance organization specializing in producing and presenting dance work in the landscape. The project will be designed by long-standing collaborator Lucy Bradridge (Spy Monkey, RSC). It will be performed by the company including a guest musician.


Commissioners and Partners

Produced by New Art Club in collaboration with Dance Republic 2.
Commissioned by Without Walls, SeaChange Arts and Pavilion Dance South West.
Sponsorship from Atlantis 39and Hawkesfield, and funding from FEAST (funded by Cornwall Council and Arts Council England). Additional support is from Junction, Cambridge; 101 Outdoor Arts; Hay Studio; and De Montfort University.

Suitcase logo Camper Van Of Love by New Art Club is currently available for touring. Please contact the company directly for details of availability, technical requirements and costs.

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