ATN 2016-2018: Family engagement and Festival Ambassadors at SO Festival



Engaging with family groups was a priority for So Festival in Skegness. Funded by Without Walls, the festival worked with Infinite Arts, an organisation which encourages young people to explore their creativity through participatory activities.

In the run-up to the festival, two full-day workshops took place in two local schools, which engaged with 60 pupils. The workshops explored the architecture of family space, through the construction of geodesic dome structures. In one workshop, pupils experimented with woven constructions and created a large net with wind-blown strands of yarn.

During the festival, the structures were recreated on the beach at Skegness, and families were able to add to them to over the festival weekend.


SO Festival also continued to develop their festival ambassador scheme, through which they provided accredited training, in partnership with local training providers. Ambassadors received training in Customer Service, Safeguarding Children, and Equality and Diversity.

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