ATN 2016-2018: 2016 Key Highlights



As we are approaching the end of Year 1 of the second three-year strategic touring project, we would like to look back at the ATN and highlight the lasting impact of the project. The following statistics are just a few findings from a large research project featuring all ten of the ATN partners.

  • This year the ATN presented 20 shows from the Without Walls back catalogue, delivering over 155 performances at partner festivals across England. Over 100 artists, technicians and producers have benefitted from touring to the ATN in 2016.
  • The programme represented a wide range of scales and art forms spanning dance, circus, theatre, walkabouts, digital work, projection and installations. Partner festivals presented recent Without Walls commissions as well as a number of earlier commissions such as Vegetable Nannies by Plunge Boom (2007 commission), Sufi_Zen by Akademi (2010 commission) or As The World Tipped by Wired Aerial Theatre (2011 commission). This illustrates the incredible reach that the Without Walls shows are having across England and demonstrates how the ATN is instrumental in extending the touring life of previous Without Walls commissions.
  • The ATN festivals reached total audiences of 456,383 in Year 1.
  • We are successfully attracting hard to reach audiences: 43% medium culturally engaged, 35% lower culturally engaged and 22% highly culturally engaged. This shows that the ATN audiences more closely match those of the population than those for other (indoor) artform audiences (Audience Finder benchmarks have been used to make these comparisons).

For more information read the infographic below.


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