Mark Smith & Rachel Gadseden with Deaf Men Dancing

Deaf Man Dancing

This dynamic collaboration brings together Rachel Gadsden, Mark Smith and Deaf Men Dancing.

Mark is a deaf choreographer (of Sadler’s Wells’ Shoes), who uses a fusion of different styles of dance incorporated with sign-language to create exciting and unique work for his company Deaf Men Dancing; an all male deaf company who have performed at The Place and Dance East. Rachel is a visual artist, whose methodology is expressionistic, energetic and raw, echoing the deepest motivations of what it is to be human.

Through dance, visual art, sound and spoken language, Alive! expresses the interior world & spirit of the dancers, narrating emotional stories that express the true dynamics of what it is to be Alive!.

During the performance Rachel and the dancers collaboratively create artworks. The dancers paint and in turn the artists dance.

Alive! turns the mundane reality of our current economic climate on its head and reaches out to remind us that life is joyous and that we must still embrace and celebrate being Alive!.



Commissioners and Partners
Commissioned by Without Walls
Greenwich+Docklands International Festival
Dada South (in association with Up-Stream)
Alive! is supported by Accentuate