Periplum and Corn Exchange Newbury



451 – photo by Ray Gibson


The show

Reading is forbidden, all literature is outlawed…

Inspired by Ray Bradbury’s visionary novel Fahrenheit 451, this incendiary outdoor performance explores the story of a society where books are banned and firemen employed to burn them.

451 is a 360-degree surround performance combining immersive sound installation with high-octane dramatic action and pyrotechnics to depict a dystopic society where people seek happiness in a world of technology and acts of violence are rewarded.

Bradbury’s classic text has proven prophetic – reflected in the rise of the IPad, surveillance, interactive media, the televised pursuit of fugitives, global consumerism and the continuing radical power of the written word. As we witness a rise in monitoring and censorship of the internet we might even believe that there could be a future where books may once again hold a secret knowledge…

Brighton-based visual theatre company Periplum, some of the country’s most exciting creators of large-scale outdoor performance team up with Corn Exchange Newbury and 101, its dedicated outdoor arts creation centre to create this dramatic new co-production.  

The company

Formed in 1999 by Artistic Directors Claire Raftery and Damian Wright, Periplum produce ground-breaking site-responsive & outdoor theatre performance, making work that is story-led and content-driven while bringing the intimacy of human drama into shows of a spectacular scale. In collaboration with composers, designers, engineers & pyrotechnicians, the company deliver highly visual, socially significant and emotionally explosive work for all the senses.


Commissioners and Partners

451 has been commissioned by Without Walls, Brighton Festival, Greenwich+Docklands International Festival and Norfolk & Norwich Festival.

Built at 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space. Supported by Greenham Common Trust and Arts Council England.

Suitcase logo 451 by Periplum is currently available for touring. Please contact the company directly for details of availability, technical requirements and costs.

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